Film Overview

Things I Do For Money is about Eli and Nick Yaguchi, two Japanese-Canadian cello-playing brothers from Hamilton, Ontario (played by real-life virtuoso brothers Theodor and Maximilian Aoki and set in Hamilton, playing itself in the film) who inadvertently steal a bag of money – and all the woes that go along with it. Bold in its execution and an exciting addition to the Canadian crime canon, Things I Do For Money is a dynamic, kinetic crime/caper/cello film that’s gritty, sometimes violent, oftentimes hilarious and has a unique cultural perspective. Think the Japanese-Canadian version of Snatch by way of Whiplash, but with Cellos.

The Film’s Music

We also feature some of the best Canadian recording artists and a phenomenal original score composed and created by our stars Maximilian and Theodor Aoki. The brothers never scored a feature film before and they created over 50 unique ORIGINAL MUSIC CUES for the film! Things I Do For Money also features music from top-selling Canadian Artists such as The Arkells (from our hometown of Hamilton, ON), July Talk, Jane’s Party, the new band Peacemaker and the legendary, iconic Canadian rock band, The Northern Pikes who’s titular song is also featured in the film and end credits. The THINGS I DO FOR MONEY – ORIGINAL MUSICAL SCORE SOUNDTRACK will be released on IndieCan Records in 2020.

Long Synopsis

Seventeen-year-old ELI YAGUCHI has been waiting all his life for this coming Saturday. He and older brother, NICK, are playing their cellos in front of famed conductor of the Banff Conservatory, MAESTRO BENITO. If he likes their performance they’re in, if he doesn’t… Eli doesn’t want to think about it.

Unfortunately for Eli, Nick has other plans. He’s tired of living for his parents, TOSH AND MARY YAGUCHI, and has aspirations of his own. Working at Blinx, a rock’n roll bar owned by Hamilton gangster ALEXI RADULI, is where he sees his future. Either performing for an audience in his band or partying with mobsters in the back room – doesn’t make much difference to him; it’s all good times.

But having missed several key rehearsals with Eli, Nick knows the audition isn’t going to happen, so when Alexi offers the brothers some easy money working as lookouts for one of his nefarious activities, Nick’s good to go. Always wanting to please his big brother, Eli acquiesces. Little does either brother know that they’re both now on the radar of BRENDA MICKEL, a seventy-year-old mobster matriarch, whose plans for them are going to change their lives forever.

But most cities have a rogue agent or five and this one’s no different. Alexi Raduli wreaks havoc in the Hamilton underworld, from breaking Tosh’s arm out of spite to wiping out an entire rival drug family, the TURCOTTS, on a whim. And with every crime he commits, Alexi drags the Yaguchi boys farther and deeper into his criminal world. He must be stopped, but that’s easier said than done.

JUST JIMMY, a Vancouver hit man brought to Hamilton to kill Alexi under orders from Mary, gives it his best shot but to no avail, only injuring his target and losing the $20,000 he was paid by Mary to do the job. Things go from bad to worse when Eli witnesses the bloody shoot-out with his new friend and confidant LAURA, who quickly takes the “found” bag of blood money, not knowing it belongs to a lethal West Coast assassin.

Saturday finally arrives, and Eli and Nick do perform, but not in any way they could ever have imagined. Through lies, manipulation and coercion Alexi and Brenda have contrived to have the young cellists play a wealthy philanthropist’s fundraiser. The brothers must play a demanding double cello concerto with such eye-riveting passion that no one in the crowded room will notice when Alexi disappears with an $8 million dollar painting on display. With lives literally hanging in the balance, the boys have to play like never before, truly a performance of a lifetime.